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History of Department

Department of Anaesthesia was a sub-specialty department under the Faculty of Surgery, Institute of Medicine, Mandalay since 1956. At that time, the Head of the Department was Dr. D N Biswas  M.B.,B.S., D.A(London), I.R.C.P., M.R.C.S(London). After his retirement in 1983, Dr Shilar San San Myint M.B.,B.S., D.A., F.F.A.R.C.S(London) took charge of the Department up to 1988. In those days, anaesthesia subject was taught in M.B.,B.S (Final Part II) students [(in old curriculum) and then in Final part I students  in new curriculum.

            In January 1998, Post Graduate Diploma course for Anaesthesia (D.A.) was opened. The candidates have to sit an entrance exam held by the Directorate of Medical Sciences. The course was a one year course structured with theory and clinical trainings. Only two batches were produced(1998/1999) and Dr U Tin Hlaing (M.B.,B.S., D.A.) who was the head of the department took the chair of the Post Graduate Board of Studies.

            In 2001, M.Med Sc.(Anaes) course was opened. It is a two years course, structured with basic science subjects, general anaesthesia, specialty trainings and critical care rounds. They also have to take part in A&E duties and have to put up a dissertation for partial fulfillment of the degree.

In the same year(2001), a Doctorate course was also started which is a three years course structured with nine modules .The candidate has to submit a thesis before the summative assessment.

            Department of Anaesthesia, UMM have produced 9 diploma awards, 59 master awards and 3 doctorate degrees up to now. And  this year, 19 master students and 7 doctorate students are still under training.

            Apart from residential training, many anaesthetists were sent to foreign countries for sub-specialty trainings( cardiac surgical perfusion, cardiac anaesthesia, CCU management ect:) And the department also motivate and arrange the faculty members to attend international conferences, workshops and forums to gain exposure. One doctorate candidate was sent to Sariraj Hospital, Bangkok as an exchange programme this year and one was sent to Bejing University for cardiac anaesthesia traning.



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